You have an idea or vision – maybe even a dream – and perhaps a property or site. What's feasible? What's cost-effective? When can it be done? In addition to the big-picture items such as revenues and costs, you also need to balance quality and timing. All before breaking ground.

At Graham, we start thinking about your needs early in the project life-cycle. We can provide feasibility work, economic analysis and complete life-cycle costing – including working backwards from your future facility's intended throughput, ergonomics or other key performance indicators to create the right solution for you.

Making Graham part of your project planning can save you time and cost down the road. We can participate directly, or assist you and other service providers in making the planning phase as smooth and successful as possible. Unlike most construction companies, we can also help you source financing.

Sound planning maximizes your chances of getting the facility you want, when you want it and at a price that works. Count on Graham for experience, effectiveness and sound judgment on your behalf.