Your new facility should not only do what it's designed for – whether healing patients, purifying water or moving merchandise – it should be user-friendly. For you, the crux is future efficiency – running at the lowest practical cost, and being easy to service.

"Turnkey" is no longer enough for many owners. They want the construction provider to think about what comes after. At Graham, we incorporate future operational needs by ensuring that design and construction result in a facility that not only runs well, but is easy on the operations and maintenance people.

You may foresee future phased expansions, renovations of overhauls – and we'll be there. We're also involved in service contracts that support your operations – such as maintaining or expanding haul roads. On P3s, we're part of operating major facilities reaching out for decades. We're regularly called upon for maintenance and shut-down/turnaround work on plant facilities. We plan thoroughly so we can work efficiently and get your facility flowing cash or serving the public again as soon as possible.

Whatever the nature of your project, you can count on Graham to think things through ahead of time – so that every stage of the project life-cycle unfolds as you envision it.