Project risks peak during the design phase. Practical constructability hasn't been established, and getting there might require costly changes. The interface between design and construction generates variability – and hence risk. Over-design means needless costs. Historically, construction contractors were handed blueprints and then built to the design. But by involving Graham in the design phase, you can drive out those risks and achieve cost certainty.

We think before we bring any structure into the physical world. We're not architects or designers, but we work constructively with design firms and their drawings to optimize design, systems and other parameters. This helps your project – and business – to reduce not only construction costs but future business operating costs by maximizing ergonomics, staff working efficiency and/or facility throughput. We pore over designs to seek improvements in materials and process efficiency, overall constructability, plus future maintenance and operations. Result: the best possible facility at the lowest achievable life-cycle cost.

The best construction companies can provide cost certainty by adding responsibility for design – but not vice-versa. Only construction companies have full command of pricing, and a willingness to take on the risks that come with offering you price certainty. Getting us involved in design can come through construction management (design-assist), design-build or P3 delivery methods. Graham can provide integrated design-build solutions, assuming price risk and responsibility for project design, and providing you with cost certainty.