Project Solutions

On-the-Ground Presence

Citizens in every community where we operate.

Being a permanent part of the markets in which we operate is central to Graham's way. We have an extensive network of permanent locations across North America. This represents a major financial commitment – but it brings many benefits to our clients. Graham's locations include offices, equipment yards and maintenance shops, usually in company-owned buildings on company-owned land.

On-the-ground presence gives us a deep understanding of local subcontractors and sources of materials, of market opportunities and needs, of laws and regulations, and just plain old ways of doing things. It helps us access goods and services at the best available price. And it helps us find and attract the best available new talent from within the communities. Those who join the Graham team usually become owners, which strengthens our local ties.

The overall result: we're embedded in the community. We don't just show up for the job, execute one project and leave again. We're citizens of the local community in all its dimensions: employers, taxpayers, property owners, members of local associations. Graham and its people grow and flourish along with the local economy. We're here for the long haul.