Project Solutions

Integrated Capabilities

Our broad internal capabilities make us far more than a general contractor or construction manager. We're a true project solutions partner.

Graham's comprehensive and integrated capabilities set us apart from hundreds of smaller construction management firms and provide you with great project outcomes.

Our capabilities include:

  • People – Experienced, well-trained people with specialized expertise who are committed to your success are the heart of Graham. We maintain strategic labour alliances with a skilled workforce who offer particular construction services;
  • Systems – Graham was early to exploit the potential of information technology to streamline and improve the accuracy of the project management process. Our information integration system, Toolbox, creates a seamless and unerringly accurate project execution platform from first contact through final reconciliation;
  • Organization – Graham's "matrix" corporate organization is built around Areas of Expertise pooling specialized knowledge and skills that are made available to all locations and managers. Result: any project, any size, anywhere has the full resources of Graham to draw on;
  • Locations – Graham's North America-wide network of company infrastructure provides on-the-ground capacity and presence. This improves our understanding of local market conditions and our clients' needs, and maximizes our execution performance; and
  • Equipment – Our large and diversified fleet of modern, customized, well-maintained equipment provides the capacity and capability to self-perform construction work. Thousands of pieces strong and growing every year, our equipment fleet is strategically deployed throughout our network of locations.

Graham's comprehensive own-forces capabilities set us apart from hundreds of smaller construction management firms and make us competitive with North America's best companies.

The key benefits to you are:

  • Tighter control over project scheduling and execution;
  • Promotion of innovation, client-focused solutions and problem-solving;
  • Ensuring that our cost database is always current and reflects prevailing trends in our regional markets, which facilitates accurate estimating across a wide range of project types;
  • Makes us more competitive and gives you the best pricing at the highest level of confidence; and
  • Consistent delivery of great project outcomes.