Project Solutions

Financial Strength

Our long track record of profitability and strong balance sheet provide Graham with the financial strength that enables us to be a true construction solutions partner.

We offer financial performance on top of construction solutions performance.

Financial performance means a number of things and brings many benefits:

  • We have a very high bonding ceiling, effectively unlimited within the Graham marketplace, more than sufficient for any project we have executed, which strengthens your confidence that the project will be executed successfully;
  • Our high bonding capacity is brought about by our overall financial strength, which consists of working capital, borrowing capacity, the asset base that supports borrowing, and the track record that supports a high credit rating with banks;
  • Our financial strength in turn supports our integrated capabilities, network of locations and large equipment fleet. This is a major strategic advantage that ensures a high level of execution performance for you, the client;
  • It makes us a much better company. We can plan for the future, invest in systems, processes and people, add equipment or other capabilities to meet the needs of large projects, and shape the organization for the jobs of the future, not just for our day-to-day needs – all without worrying about how any of these might be financed; and
  • By strengthening the confidence of our employees, Graham's financial strength, stability and track record help us to attract and retain the best-available expertise and talent.

These advantages enable us to become your risk management partner. Construction poses a broad spectrum of risks. Our financial strength, experience and track record allow us to evaluate, take on, share and manage all of these risks in our mutual interests. Financial performance provides the flexibility for Graham to make the right decisions on our clients' behalf, creating the best outcomes for you.