Project Solutions


Mastering the art-and-science of price certainty.

Accurate estimating distinguishes the real pros in the world of construction. Graham's goal on any project is to come within 1-2 percentage points between our formal estimate and the final job cost. You deserve it – and we take pride in it. It's part of our commitment to every client.

Few companies have truly mastered construction estimating. How do we get there? Three main advantages:

  • Standardized processes and systems;
  • Experienced, specialized estimators; and
  • An integrated database of detailed historical costs that is efficiently searchable and continually growing.

In addition to making us a highly competitive bidder, our strong estimating background lets us provide accurate fixed-price contracts where required. This lifts the burden of price risk from your shoulders, providing you with scheduling and price certainty – the Graham guarantee. You could begin with just a conceptual project – a couple of basic goals or a mental image of the project – and get a complete solution at a fixed price.

Graham’s estimating process goes through several stages, beginning with a conceptual budget, progressing through more detailed budgets on various design options, to final detailed budgets as project specifications are finalized. We keep you fully informed of how the estimate is evolving, enabling you to provide input and adapt project parameters as you require.

A crucial advantage is our Toolbox integrated electronic data management suite. It was developed by Graham and has few if any equals in the construction industry. Toolbox includes the estimating function, and taps into our massive and detailed data bank of historical and live project costs.

At Graham, estimating is a combination of science, software, historical legacy and point of pride. Our estimators are specialists in specific construction types and phases, in specific markets and for specific types of clients or partners. The advantages of industry-leading estimating are dramatic: we can do the toughest, most complex jobs – yet still know what they'll cost ahead of time.

Cost certainty is the foundation for an optimal outcome. Precise estimating is underpinned by our deep knowledge of the cost of construction goods and services. This lets us compare virtually any planned construction step with actual historical performance. Graham's value analysis is integrated with our bidding and planning process to arrive at accurate estimates. Precise estimating is complemented by our high performance at procurement – a $1-billion-per-year undertaking. All of these in turn support tight, consistent scheduling – key to successful project execution.