Project Solutions

Company-Owned Equipment

Key to standardizing operating procedures and maintenance repair.

Our fleet of company-owned equipment underpins our ability to execute any type of project in any environment – including remote locations with harsh climate.

Graham's equipment fleet is:

  • Large, with thousands of individual pieces;
  • Modern;
  • Well-maintained;
  • Internally engineered and/or customized to maximize its effectiveness in meeting our needs;
  • Renewed or replaced before it gets too old;
  • Strategically positioned where it's needed at Graham-owned locations; and
  • Expanded/enhanced as needed according to our overall growth or particular client needs. We can purchase equipment packages to meet individual contract requirements.

Much of Graham's equipment is engineered in-house and extensively modified, applying Graham engineering and construction managers' experience to give our equipment that extra edge. Among the benefits is allowing equipment to work under tough conditions and extreme demand situations, such as harsh climate.

In-house equipment has enabled us to standardize operating procedures and maintenance/repair. This lets our people maximize equipment performance and their own work efficiency. People can deploy across North America to find familiar equipment, enabling them to work at 100 percent right away.

This focus on company-owned and maintained equipment enables Graham to perform critical tasks and meet schedules, to ensure we can execute to the highest quality. It provides confidence to us – and assurance to you.