Project Solutions

Areas of Expertise

Creating pooled resources in critical areas.

Graham's Areas of Expertise are a competitive advantage delivering major benefits to our clients. The Areas of Expertise enable Graham to combine the best characteristics of large and small construction companies. We can deploy specialized, industry-leading expertise to large and/or complex construction projects – while maintaining the Graham way of personalized, on-the-ground frontline service delivery through our permanent local presence.

Graham's approach goes far beyond the standard practice of centralized corporate service groups, such as accounting, which are sometimes complemented by head office consultancy/advice in areas such as estimating. We use a matrix model of organization. This creates pooled resources in critical areas – from asset management to estimating to procurement to safety, and many others.

These Areas of Expertise are centrally based but continuously available to provide direct assistance and participation in any project, of any size, in any location.

This ability stems from the matrix model's dual lines of reporting: one is the traditional line running up through the group to senior management, while a second line runs outward, linking directly to project management teams on individual projects.

This is a key distinction between Graham and its competitors. It enables Graham to assemble optimal teams for particular projects. These are driven by the needs of the particular project, the particular client and the team on the ground.

Our approach leverages the individual advantages of dual-reporting, mobility and the virtual office concept. It dramatically combines the advantages of large size and small size, centralization and distribution, diversification and specialization – while erasing the traditional disadvantages of each individual limited approach.

Each Area of Expertise group embodies decades of collective experience and execution of innumerable project scenarios. In addition to their core tasks of supporting project planning and execution, the teams develop and share best practices, tools, policies and procedures gathered from throughout the organization, including the field. Our very best ideas, processes and solutions generated anywhere are absorbed by the pooled resource groups, becoming available to be shared on every other project in every location.