Project Solutions

Construction Management

An opportunity to optimize price, quality and schedule.

Construction management is broader and more cost-effective than bid-build. By getting involved earlier in the project life cycle, we can work with your design team on key decisions that improve the project. This creates opportunities to optimize the three main parameters governing any project – price, quality and schedule – giving you exactly the facility you want.

Construction management projects are usually based on proposal calls. You select the construction manager based on each candidate's people, qualifications, relevant experience, track record of success, and fee.

Project planning typically will be largely complete when the construction manager gets started. But there are still fundamental decisions ahead, including materials and construction methods. Varying materials – steel vs. concrete, for example – and methods – pre-cast vs. cast-in-place – will have different costs, take varying amounts of time to execute, and result in more or less durable structures. Long-term life cycle costing also needs to be taken into consideration.

Our long track record of success and diversified experience allow Graham to provide options on every aspect of your project. You'll see meaningful alternatives, allowing you to create the particular balance of cost, quality and time that meets your unique needs for the project.

The key success drivers in construction management (this approach is also known as design-assist) are:

  • People – For their required knowledge of alternative materials, methods and structures, and what these offer the project's client in terms of costs, quality and delivery time; and
  • Knowledge of costs – This is key to providing realistic alternatives and accurate estimates.

A construction management contract lets you evaluate options more clearly and establish cost certainty earlier than under bid-build. When coupled with the right project delivery partner, it can save you time, reduce materials and quality risks, and cut down on costly changes during execution. By getting Graham's construction experts involved earlier, construction management can lower your project's ultimate life-cycle costs.