Project Solutions


Puts the most control in the client's hands.

Bid-build has traditionally been the most common construction project delivery method. You self-plan and oversee design of the project, then tender the approved design for construction, and select the winning bidder – usually based on lowest price. After construction you self-commission your facility or hire a specialist. Then you operate the facility on your own or hire a property manager.

Graham has a long history of delivering great project solutions through bid-build. We help you succeed because:

  • We're cost-effective, providing the best possible project at a competitive price;
  • Our vast integrated database of known input costs allows us to be accurate in our pricing;
  • We self-execute work, thanks to our integrated capabilities and equipment, which makes us more efficient;
  • We have excellent relationships with subcontractors and other project partners, contributing to efficient project execution;
  • We understand timelines and the interaction of schedules among stakeholders, leading to the most efficient use of resources; and
  • Our people are expert, experienced and effective at planning and executing construction projects of all sizes and types.

You'll find bid-build to be the most labour-intensive construction project delivery method for you. Bid-build separates key phases of the project life-cycle – particularly design and construction – requiring you to self-manage more phases, including handling multiple tenders, or hiring consultants. For your project as a whole, there's no true cost certainty until after commissioning.

At Graham, we do everything we can to optimize outcomes under bid-build – such as by providing feedback on design drawings that can help lower costs or deliver a better product. Still, you may want to consider an alternative delivery model that can provide greater cost certainty earlier in the process – such as construction management or design-build.