What Makes Graham An Employer Of Choice

Being a great place to work is a formal commitment at Graham.

Offering every employee a challenging and rewarding career is written right into our Mission.

Here's what we think makes Graham an employer of choice:

  • We're a dynamic, growing, profitable company that knows where it's going;
  • We're a great team of people from diverse places and backgrounds, delivering big-company construction projects within a unique organization that feels like a large family;
  • We offer the chance for a life-long career and secure employment;
  • We're an employee-owned company – and you'll be able to become an owner;
  • We have a strong commitment to safety in the workplace, a commitment that's built into our internal mandate as well as our published Mission;
  • You'll be able to work on exciting, complex, leading-edge construction projects including large infrastructure and LEED-certified public facilities;
  • You'll have a wealth of opportunities for assignments and career development across job categories, project types and locations around North America;
  • You'll have competitive compensation and benefits;
  • You'll benefit from continual training and development and career enhancement, delivered through Learning at Graham; and
  • You'll become part of a unique organizational Culture that reflects positive, enduring Values.