Learning at Graham

Best-in-class training and development opportunities.

Learning at Graham goes beyond classroom or online learning - we support a learning culture where each and every employee is seen as a leader and learns through on-the-job experiences, key interactions with others, and formal and informal learning events. Graham supports the following learning activities:

  • Online Learning - Our goal is to support your development through innovative online learning that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through the Graham Learning Portal, you can access a diverse library of content to meet your various training needs, including "assets" related to business skills development, software applications, or interpersonal skills development..
  • Individual Development Planning - The Individual Development Plan (IPD) is your individualized "project plan" to grow, learn and develop your skills. The IDP allows you to identify your strengths and opportunities for growth in the context of what the business needs from you for our collective success. A development plan is a living document that must be revisited often and refined as you learn and grow.
  • Employee Development - We encourage employees to develop both their technical and professional skills. We offer online preparation for Project Management Professional certification (PMP or CAPM) via our Graham Learning Portal. Employees also have access to an entire suite of online learning tools aimed specifically at those directly responsible for what we build, our field and project leadership teams. These resources are supported by a structured curriculum of classroom and mentorship instruction. Employees are also able to attend other face-to-face development opportunities throughout the year.
  • Leadership Development - We believe everyone at Graham is a leader and each member of our team has access to our "Leadership Framework", as well as a host of online books, courses, videos and webinars that support our specific definition and expectations of leadership. For those with supervisory responsibilities, we offer a professional development track to stimulate and challenge their thinking to better lead and connect with their teams. We also offer 360 degree feedback, coaching programs as well as executive assessment opportunities.

At Graham we take your development seriously and partner with you in shaping your career with learning and advancement opportunities.