Career Paths

Graham helps you advance in your chosen career.

We want every member of the Graham team to get the most out of their career. This includes the opportunity for professional growth, improvement and learning. Graham is integrating its training and development programs with the concept of "career paths". Career paths are aimed at creating a framework to help you develop your talents and acquire the skills needed to be successful in an organized way.

The purposes of career paths are to:

  • Help you visualize your career going forward, in order to help you plan the training and development that will benefit you along the way;
  • Help you build your skills in ways that make sense, including paving the way to progress to positions of higher responsibility; and
  • Assist managers and supervisors in career development coaching of their teams.

We have developed career paths covering positions from junior to senior levels in each technical field plus management, including in our corporate Areas of Expertise. Graham's training and development programs are delivered through Learning at Graham, and career paths will become an integral component.