About Graham

Environmental Construction Operation

We want to remain an environmental leader and contribute meaningfully to sustainability.

We help our clients be the best they can be in environmental awareness and protection – before, during and after construction. That's why, as a leading constructor of a wide range of projects, we're a proponent of Environmental Construction Operation (ECO).

We take a leading role to implement the following ECO initiatives:

  • Erosion and sediment control to minimize the loss of soil through wind and water erosion, prevent sedimentation of storm sewer systems, protect freshwater quality and reduce air pollution through the proper use of dust control and abatement;
  • Thoroughly test and commission all building systems to verify proper installation, calibration and performance. To reduce electricity demand loads on the systems, these tests are planned to minimize the impact to the power supply;
  • Recycle or reuse materials wherever possible and feasible. Graham projects recycle metals, cardboard and demolished concrete as a matter of daily operations. Other materials are recycled where possible. Where appropriate, waste materials are redirected to the manufacturer for safe, environmentally responsible recycling or disposal. We also source recycled products to use as construction materials in our building projects, according to the requirements of our clients;
  • Prohibit smoking in enclosed spaces, including site trailers and temporary structures, on all Graham sites to minimize the effects of second-hand smoke and avoid contamination of permanent building materials;
  • Enforce Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management strategies where appropriate or required. If permanent heating systems are in place, regular filter replacement and system testing ensure control of pollutant and avoidance of contamination of permanent building materials; and
  • Other initiatives as requested by the building owner, designer or other decision-makers.