About Graham


Graham works continually with a large number of subcontractors and suppliers on projects and company locations across North America. A large proportion of our annual revenue flows through to companies that participate in Graham projects.

We highly value our subcontractors and suppliers – we view them as partners in delivering great project outcomes to our clients. They're a large part of our delivery system and an important source of our overall success.

Graham posts standard subcontracts and asks all prospective subcontractors to complete the prequalification process. We select suppliers and subcontractors that are appropriate for each project. The selections are based on each service provider's capacities to do the required work in the required time-frame, their known capabilities in construction, financial capacities, as well as safety certification status and statistical performance.

As a Graham subcontractor, you'll work closely with us.

You'll be aligned with Graham in the general contract, committing to the owner's general conditions, time-frame, cost, desired quality, and safety goals. As lead contractor, we maintain control of and take responsibility for project delivery under all circumstances. However, we're flexible and innovative in how we put project teams together. The role of sub-contractors varies from project to project. We integrate the solutions available to us to meet the owner's requirements. The exact mix of Graham self-delivery and subcontractor involvement varies by location, client and project. We encourage our general managers to consider the best solution on each project.

Graham is a dynamic, diversifying and growing company, adding new locations around North America as we take on larger, more complex projects. That means we're always eager to increase our network of subcontractors that have the right capabilities and share our commitment serving the client's interests and meeting the client's needs.

We're also mindful of the needs of communities where our projects are constructed. We always try to provide opportunities for locally-based subcontractors. We know this contributes to the local economy and is appreciated by the community's people, businesses and local government.