About Graham

Health, Safety & Environment

At Graham, safety is built into our business. It's part of who we are.

Safety is written into Graham's internal mandate and strategic plan, as well as being a key objective in our Mission. A high regard for workplace safety is part of our Culture of fairness towards and caring for our employees. Safety is a business Value because people are our most important asset. Graham's safety system is integrated into our business and defined by our Health, Safety & Environment Policy.

At Graham we believe that all safety-related incidents are foreseeable, predictable and preventable. We strive for zero lost-time and complete safety on each project through good management and utilization of our resources, a comprehensive safety system, a strong supervisory presence and senior management commitment.

Before commencing work on the construction site, our employees and site superintendents perform all required due diligence, risk management and hazard assessments.

At Graham, safety is about far more than mere regulatory compliance. We see safety as a continuing drive for achievement and improvement – because safety benefits everyone. First and foremost, our employees on the job site, who benefit directly from a safe work environment. Second, the families and loved ones of those employees. Third, Graham as an employer of choice and a business, because a safe business is a profitable business. Our goal is to eliminate incidents, injuries and asset losses.

We expect every employee to participate, take responsibility and be accountable for contributing to a safe workplace – for themselves and their fellow employees. Graham's managers, site superintendents and senior leaders are responsible and accountable for the implementation of and compliance with our HS&E Management system.