About Graham

Respected Project Partner

A demonstrated ability to harmonize the key relationships in construction: people, safety, costs, time, materials and quality.

Throughout our history we've established and maintained positive, long-term relationships with clients, architects, designers, consultants, suppliers, subcontractors and tradespeople. These excellent working relationships are based on mutual respect for and understanding of our strengths, abilities, roles and responsibilities.

We foster co-operation and communication among team members and stakeholders to ensure that project requirements, including budgets, phase schedules and the commissioning date, are all met – time after time.

Because we tender hundreds of projects annually, we have detailed knowledge of industry workload, costs of materials and labour, and availability of resources. As a successful construction competitor in numerous markets, Graham has superior access to key suppliers, subcontractors and trades. We regularly work with locally-based subcontractors and suppliers in support of the communities where our projects are being built.